EAA had its main engineering base at Nairobi (Embakasi) Airport in Kenya. Within the main hangar both airframes and engines were stripped down and reassembled. Work was also undertaken for other airlines, including Zambia Airways and Aden Airways.

Tony Russell worked in the Technical Office at Embakasi for eight years (1967 to 1975) and has kindly provided the following pictures of his time there.

Around the Engineering Hangar

EAA Embakasi base viewed from B747 cockpit on NBO apron. (Jan. 1972)

Ngong Hills viewed from the top floor of the Office block (1972)

Mount Kenya viewed from top floor of the office block. (on a clear day the top of Kilimanjaro can be seen from the airport road)

Office and canteen blocks seen from hangar (Jan 1975)

Hangar from Office block (VW Beetle was king of the car parks)

Rear of hangar with F27, SVC10, DC3 inside (1972)

Front of hangar (1974) ( note the cut-out for SVC10 tail). In foreground is ex-British United DC4 (G-AOXK) by now Williamson Diamond Mines 5H-AAH of Tanzania

Another front of hangar view (1974)

DC3 on hangar apron. (1972)

SVC10 and Rapide on the run-up area for a publicity photo shoot (1972)

Seating being installed after SVC10 hangar check (Jan 1975)

Inside hangar – two DC3’s, DH Twin Otter (1972)

Inside hangar – DH Comet and Zambia Airways

Inside hangar – SVC10 and Williamson Mines DC4 (1972)

Inside hangar – SVC10 on check (top of tail dock was a good place to rest!) (1974)

Busy Hangar in Jan 1975 (1) F27, DC9, DC3, SVC10.

Busy Hangar in Jan 1975 (2) DC3 on overhaul

Busy Hangar in Jan 1975 (4) 5Y-ADA with 4 Conway engines removed - undergoing repair for fuselage damage – see “Stories” page for a writeup of this incident.

Engine test bed. ( notice the intake made of oil drums with ends removed and bolted together)

Busy Hangar in Jan 1975 (3)  DC3 on overhaul from SVC10 tail dock.